Corporate Social Responsibility

Throughout Five Pines Capital, we have instilled a culture of responsibility to our clients, stakeholders, the environment and the wider community in which we operate. In everything we do, we uphold the highest standards whilst taking into consideration the repercussions of our actions and company decisions on society, seeking to build consensus and understand the full picture before we act and encourage client action on certain investments.

We believe that as a global company, we understand that our actions have wider consequences on local, regional and international communities, and we engage with stakeholders and various groups to understand the issues and make informed decisions.

In our investment policy, we also take great care in ensuring that the opportunities we promote to our clients reflect our values and are socially and environmentally responsible, using in-depth research and analysis to gain a full understanding of an investment.

At Five Pines Capital, we know we have a duty to reduce our footprint on the environment and we have taken steps to decrease our waste and energy consumption. Throughout the company, we:

  • Recycle our waste
  • Support environmental awareness campaigns
  • Use energy-efficient and/or renewable power sources
  • Provide staff with travel cards for public transport
  • Reduce reliance on paper, using electronic communication methods instead
  • Constantly review policies and continually search for green solutions