Privacy Policy

Five Pines Capital is dedicated to the privacy of our clients and we take security very seriously, managing your personal information and data with care to ensure it remains secure with us. We understand that when you give us your information, you do so with the expectation that it will remain confidential, and as such we have in place internal measures which strictly govern access to your data and are followed throughout the company.

As an independent company, we are under no obligation to share or disseminate your information to third parties, and our security system ensures that it is protected from external threats. However, we may be compelled to share your data with regulatory agencies and government bodies in exceptional circumstances.

We gather both personal and non-personal information to carry out functions such as opening your account, completing and managing investments, maintaining contact with you, and creating a client profile. We collect information through general communications, such as emails, application forms and phone conversations, and also through the use of cookies. When accessing our online service, cookies help to save your preferences and help us to collect other non-personal information which is used for marketing and administration. However, should you feel uncomfortable with their use, they can be disabled in your browser’s settings.

To secure your information, we have the latest technology for storage and security which is maintained by third-party professionals. We adhere to all industry standards regarding the management of your data, with your information only accessed with your prior consent.